Course: 4 weeks

Class Fee: $60 non members, $36 members 

Class size is limited to 8 dogs.

The sport of Rally is a fun way for you and your dog to work as a team as you maneuver a course of 10 – 20 “stations” performing various obedience moves. In these classes you will learn the different signs that may be on the courses.

Various levels of rally classes are offered throughout the year.

These may include in order of advancement:

  • Novice
    • The class will cover all Novice sign exercises including the new ones, and will include coaching for handlers new to dog sports.
    • To participate in this class dogs should have a sit, down, come, either heeling or loose leash walking, stay in sit and down for 10sec. next to handler, and be able to work around other working teams.
  • Advanced
  • Excellent


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