Course: 6 weeks – 1 hour sessions

Prerequisite: Family Dog, Family Puppy or basic skills* and Instructor Permission

Class Fee: $90
(Rescue dogs: $10 discount with proof of adoption)

Our Canine Good Citizen course works on skills needed to earn AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. The Canine Good Citizen program is open to all dogs and promotes responsible dog ownership through training in basic obedience. Our 6 week course provides training instruction for five weeks with the CGC test given on the sixth week.


To pass the CGC test dogs must demonstrate the following skills:

  • walk on a loose leash amid distractions
  • obey basic commands (sit, down, come)
  • stay in a sit or down while the handler walks 20 ft. away
  • greet another person politely even if they have another dog with them,
  • allow another person such as a vet or groomer to handle them
  • stay with another person as the handler goes out of sight for 3 minutes without excessive pulling, whining, or barking.


*Basic skills prerequisite: sit on command, down on command, come 6 ft. on leash on command, stay in sit and down 30 sec. on leash 6 ft. away from handler, walk on loose leash with handler for 10 ft., be able to work around other working handler/dog teams.

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